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When it comes to the best quality in trailer hitches and towing products, most people think Andersen Hitches. Since our founding, we have grown from a single room shop into asquare foot manufacturing and fabrication complex.

Andersen Hitches currently serves the towing industry with a complete line of popular trailer hitches and unique towing products for trailers and 5th wheels.

As exciting as creating new products is, though, quality and service are just as meaningful to us.

stinger hitch

That's why quality, durability, and safety have always been, and will continue to be, built into every product we make. As a family-owned company we are careful to assure that every product we produce has quality built in and back that up with top-notch customer service.

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Learn More About Us! View More. The Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection has always been a best seller. When competitors were selling bulky, expensive 5th Wheel hitches, Andersen released a revolutionary product that was lightweight, low maintenance, and low-priced. So why fix what ain't One of the most common questions we get here at Andersen Hitches is why our trailer hitches are made from aluminum instead of steel or some other alloy.

Andersen Hitches recently introduced the Trailer Jack Block to the market. What is the Trailer Jack Block and what does it do? The Andersen 'Trailer Jack Block'Better By Design. Save your trucks rear window with a gooseneck extension. Stinger Hitch Company is out of business, no inventory left. Instead of just improving on current models, Andersen completely redesigned Weight Distribution…leaving the competition in the dust.

Watch my video and see what everyone is talking about…. Cimarron Trailers and Logan Coach. The Truth about Trailers. MrTruck Store Super Sale. This is the reliable weatherproof electrical connection for your trailer. Built to Outlast your Trailer. Cimarron Custom Aluminum Horse Trailers.

Better by Design, The Cimarron Way. MrTruck's Pick the "Best of the Best built horse trailers ". GanderLock for Goosenecks: Protect your trailer as well as your expensive saddles, bridles, tools and flat screen TV. Goosenecks if you just lock the coupler, the thief's loosen the set bolts, slide out your adjustable coupler Read the Review. Strength of Steel Beauty of Aluminum. Whiz Proof Trailer Floors. In the US, most boat trailers do the same thing with hydraulic surge brakes.

AuTowBrake is an automatic electric surge brake. The control box is weather proof, you can mount it outside or inside your trailer at any angle.

Seven ft. Peace of mind when horse camping. The Safe heavy-duty trailer ladder you'll use. Read the story The Flip-Over Ball gooseneck hitch converts to smooth truck bed in seconds. Newly redesigned PopUp 2 Gooseneck Hitch. More info Sulastic Rubber Springs are a cast hinge embedded with rubber. They greatly improve your trucks ride.

Weight Distributing Hitch. Read my Weight Distributing Hitch article. WDH is common with RV travel trailers as they should be will most bumper pull trailers.With its unique, stand-out appearance the Alumistinger ball mount offers boat, snowmobile, ATV, and utility trailer owners the highest quality and one of the best looking ball mount hitches on the market. The Alumistinger is made of one solid piece of aluminum alloy with no welds, giving it all the strength and durability you need.

The short answer is YES! When Andersen Manufacturing, Inc. But, after many years and many miles of problem free service the industry had to change its tune. In fact, many companies have released remarkably similar products. When you decide to step up from your rusty steel hitch to the great look of aluminum, remember Alumistinger was first. Insist on the Original!

stinger hitch

Alumistinger ball mounts will never rust and are much lighter than standard steel ball mounts of similar strength. The aluminum looks great by itself, so there is no need for paint or chrome plating that will chip and peel over time. To keep the shine, you simply need to polish the hitch from time to time, restoring the high gloss surface and making your hitch look brand new.

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Want to tow your heavy trailer with your motorhome or truck camper? There is not a better way to protect your tow vehicle from damages and handling issues that are caused by excessive tongue weight.

Take your time, look through our website and if you have questions; email us at trailertoad1 yahoo. Here is an example- you are towing your trailer down a normal highway, you come to a bridge and we all know there is a small "ramp", it is called the approach, where the highway meets the bridge.

Do you have questions about the Trailer Toad? Is it the right hitch for you? Is it easy to install? How much "fabrication is needed? Do I need to use a weight-distribution hitch? Can I back-up with a Trailer Toad? What if I switch trailers or tow vehicles? Is the Trailer Toad built to survive the rough highways? We invite you to browse through the pages and look at the photos and videos. We are not website designers but I think we have answered most questions without a lot of flash and glitter.

TrailerToad; HD and SD The World's most unique motorhome trailer hitch is also a weight-bearing trailer hitch for truck campers, vendor trailers, companies that have to haul heavy tag-style trailers, open or enclosed. Those of you that tow trailers that weigh between lbs and 24,lbs can benefit from and tow safer with a Trailer Toad.

Extended Trailer Hitch

I would be glad to share my ideas with you on your towing set-up and whether the Trailer Toad will enhance your situation.

Whether you have a motor home, truck camper, pickup truck or you haul heavy trailers with a pickup at work; the Trailer Toad is ready to "go to work and work with you" to make your trailer towing less of a load on your tow vehicle.

The Hitch Hog Used to Double Tow

Patented trailer hitch on the market. We have the experience to help you eliminate problems caused by heavy trailers. This photo shows the result of the "constant pounding" the receiver hitches take on today's highways.

stinger hitch

This one "gave up" as they were pulling into an event.Trailer in a Bag. Easy to Use. Folds up for Compact Storage! Stinger Trailer. All New. Stinger Dual. Designed for 2 Motorcycles! Tough and Durable. Ready to go in 5 Minutes!

stinger hitch

Stinger Trike and Stinger Spyder. You asked for them, were building them! Coming Soon! Folds up for compact storage! Stinger Trailer All new Stinger Trailer. Easy to use and easy to store. The trailer made for your motorcycle! The Stinger Trailer. The tough and reliable motorcycle trailer hauling your bikes since Quickly load your Motorcycle or Motorcycles onto a Stinger or Double Stinger For a short haul out of the city or a 3, mile adventure.

Any Bike, Anytime! Stinger can handle any Motorcycle up to lbs with ease.

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And takes up very little room for storing that makes this even better then the higher price trailer out there. I bought it in January of It worked out great. I could hardly tell that it was back there. It tracked behind my Windstar like it was welded to the fender. The bike rode very nice and I did not have any handling problems even in 35 MPH crosswinds in Montana. I would recommend your trailer to anyone who may be looking for a trailer.Towing a trailer is the most economical and pleasant way to spend a vacation.

stinger hitch

But it can also be the most dangerous. Statistics show that travel trailer owners are far more likely to be involved in an accident than other drivers. And the 1 cause of trailer accidents is trailer sway. The Hensley hitch is the only towing system on the market that guarantees the total elimination of trailer sway.

Our mission is the same today as it was then: to keep you and your family safe. Read More.

Extended Trailer Hitch

Solar Panels? Learn more from our friends at Keep Your Read More. Hensley Arrow Sway Elimination for large trailers up to 14, lbs. Hensley Swift Arrow Sway Elimination with quick release weight distribution brackets for trailers up to 14, lbs. Hensley Cub Sway Elimination for smaller trailers up to 6, lbs. Hensley Swift Cub Sway Elimination with quick release weight distribution brackets for trailers up to 6, lbs. Find the Right Hensley for you Let us help you choose which Hensley Hitch is the best choice for your tow-vehicle and trailer.

Tow with the confidence that you're keeping your family safe. Find a Dealer Find the Hensley Hitch dealer nearest you.

Newsletter Sign-Up Monthly tips on towing safety. Give us a call at today. For your safety and peace of mind—think Hensley.Skip to main content Extended Trailer Hitch. In Stock. My car has the hitch tucked forward under the rear bumper, so the extra length on this ball mount is great the first one I tried had the trailer's coupler almost contacting the car's bumper. If you need extra length, this one is a good option. Construction and finish are good quality.

For a bit more than an Andrew Jackson, this was a good purchase. Add to cart. I needed to have a 2" rise on my hitch because the old shorter one doesn't work well on my Jeep Liberty. The spare tire gets in the way. This gets the coupler far enough out that it doesn't hit the spare tire and allows me to have a rise for the trailer.

Only adjustment needed is longer safety chains for the trailer to match up to the tow vehicle because of the added length. Outside that the quality is great and the finish holds up to the weather. Reese Tow Ready Receiver Extension - 14".

Mccord Mt Morris, MI. Makes it a lot easier to connect my trailer to my John Deere Gator i without having to get on my knees to reach way under the Gator. Its important you understand you loose towing capacity when using one of these. Make sure you read the description because they clearly explain it in the item listing. I used this to have the capability to tow a small trailer behind my truck camper. Works great!!! Worked great to keep my trailer back enough to drop my tailgate and not hit my jack.

This mount is not only heavier duty with it's higher tow capacity but it will allow me to open my tailgate on my PU with my trailer attached. I have a soft cover over the bed that is accessed via the open tailgate so opening the tailgate is not an option when camping. I will no longer have to stand there bracing the tailgate up to keep it from being damaged.

It extends the hitch 16" which is more than enough. This dual length unit is better than the basic mounts I have used. It gives me the option to move the trailer just a little further back so my tail gate can open. Draw-Tite Receiver Extension - 8".

In stock. I got a Thule hitch mount bike rack for my element. The hinge of the rack was preventing the tailgate from swinging down all the way. This extension brought out the hinge to where the tailgate comes down. The extension itself is pretty beefy and sturdy as well. You will need to get a lock-pin for this as it does not come with one. Currently unavailable.


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