Rays tire hammer

A homemade power hammer can help turn your blacksmithing hobby or business into a less intensive labor of love. Instead of physically hammering heated steel into submission by hand, a DIY power hammer can do most of the labor intensive work for you with beautiful results.

A homemade power hammer may not be the cheapest thing to build, but by doing it yourself you can build it to your own exact specifications. Look over these 8 design ideas and plans to find just the right power hammer to meet your forging needs. You may also like to see homemade propane forge. These detailed plans will show you how to design and build a mechanical power hammer that will be easy to maintain and have a long life expectancy. Not exactly for the hobbyist forger, but if you foresee forging as a way of life in your future, this top of the line homemade power hammer will meet your needs.

The name was given by the inventor of this amazing mechanical hammerand he also gives his phone number along with the building plans. The pictorial plans will walk you through the DIY build, but if you need further assistance, call the number provided with the plans. You are encouraged to call with any issue or problem you encounter while embarking on this DIY build and the inventor will talk you through the process over the phone. You can build a power hammer for practically nothing by following the instructions on this YouTube video.

Watch the video for inspiration, then prowl through your own metal scrap pile to discover items that can easily be transformed in a DIY power hammer. If one of the things on your bucket list is to build your own power hammer and become a blacksmith, then this easy to build design is for you.

This entertaining and informative YouTube video will show you how to transform some basic items into a blacksmiths power hammer. Only a few items are needed for this DIY build:.

Tire Hammer Plans by Clay Spencer ?

These power hammer plans show you how crank shaft motion can be used to make working with steel much easier. Informative YouTube video provides step by step plans for building this inexpensive and tough power hammer that will make forging easier and quicker.

The two handed control literally puts the striking force into your hands, but uses much of your energy to exert the forceful blows. The operating mechanism runs smoothly and is easy to get a feel for so you can be forging like a pro from the beginning. The operating mechanism is simply a steel wheel on the motor shaft that rubs an inflated rubber tire. Detailed pictorial instructions show you how to assemble the tire hammer at home with just the following tools:.

These common tools are found in most home workshops and they will enable you to build this highly functional, unique DIY power hammer. These power hammer plans are unique in that they show you how to build an anvil mounted power hammer. This DIY build features a variable speed motor, electric clutch control, portable and can deliver 50 to blows per minute. Weighing only 82 pound, this anvil mounted power forging hammer can be scaled to accomodate large or small anvils, allowing you to customize it to meet your personal forging needs.

This YouTube video provides you with power hammer plans that run the finished product without power. The treadle design allows you to physically control the power with your foot. The unique design using a spring allows the hammer to be less rigid for more controlled strikes.

Dies are easily removed for quick interchanging when forging your own unique pieces. Your email address will not be published.This is a power hammer for blacksmiths, bladesmiths, metal workers, fabrication shops, schools, copper smiths, hobby blacksmiths or anyone who needs a reasonable priced or build it yourself hammer with outstanding control to forge or shape hot metals.

Ray Clontz invented the concept of using a flat pulley driving a small diameter tire to power a blacksmith power hammer. He never built one but several other North Carolina blacksmiths built the hammers using Ray's concept with a spring cushioned mechanism similar to Little Giant. As the motor is pivoted by the treadle, the flat pulley on the motor rubs against the rubber tire and drives the hammer.

The low friction roller bearings of the axle and the slick UHMW plastic guide bearings guiding the hammer head allow this hammer to have exceptional control. A brake stops the hammer very quickly. This version of his hammer is a 50 lb. It weighs pounds and is just under 7' tall. It uses lead in the 4" square hammer head and also for the counterbalance weight.

The hammer head guides are ultra high molecular weight polyethylene UHMWa very durable and low friction plastic. The hammer runs about to rpm depending on tire diameter and uses flat dies made from heat treated tool steel.

This is a basic, reliable, durable, simple power hammer design using the time proven Little Giant spring mechanism. It does not have many adjustments — only the pulley — brake clearance, spring tension, treadle turnbuckle, shims behind the guide bearings and tire pressure. A 50 pound hammer is normally rated to handle up to 1" square stock.

rays tire hammer

You can get 3" high stock between the dies and forge it very slowly and inefficiently. The plans show flat dies so you can use tools with the hammer. Another option for smoother drawing is to make a spring fuller with half round die sections. This allows the dies to touch together at a slower hammer speed where you have better control and are not so likely to smash the small stock. The hammer is assembled by welding and some bolting.

A few jigs are a big help. The hammer is easy to maintain and repair if necessary. Raymond Head puts info on Facebook about the hammers he builds and sells. Tire Hammer. Ray Clontz Tire Hammer, designed by Clay Spencer This is a power hammer for blacksmiths, bladesmiths, metal workers, fabrication shops, schools, copper smiths, hobby blacksmiths or anyone who needs a reasonable priced or build it yourself hammer with outstanding control to forge or shape hot metals.

A flat pulley, 3.Crank Plate and Shafts High strength aluminium alloy is a joy to machine and has similar strength to mild steel. In this case the aluminium reduces some of the unbalanced reciprocal mass. Instead of a relatively heavy iron pillow block for the pitman Fred made his own. The red blocks at the top are counterweights to balance that side to side reciprocal mass. This is half the mass of the link arms and pitman located at the pitman radius.

However, for smooth operation some flywheel effect does not hurt and extra mass here acts like a flywheel. Fred has the crank arm both keyed and clamped to the shaft. This is a good method to assure a tight fit that will not work loose. Clutch The clutch uses two disk brake rotors, one fixed to the shaft and one floating on bearings. There is friction material between the two. Ray Clontz used an auto clutch disk this is what I would do. Pressure is required to engage the clutch rather than disengage as in an automobile.

This is applied through a thrust bearing. The floating disk has a V-belt groove machined at the ventilation line. This is a very beautifully built machine and even though Fred used a lot of scrap parts it is far from being a Junk Yard Hammer.

While the rear mounted drive takes the hammer out of the realm of many DIY and JYH builders I have come to appreciate it more and more. The current Tire Hammer design has a serious flaw in the welding of the pitman to the wheel.

They would benefit greatly by having the tire and wheel mounted on the back where it would be unmodified and easy to maintain. Guru's Den. Slack-Tub Pub II. Tailgate Sales. Health and Safety. Book Reviews. Anvil Gallery. Vice Gallery. Story Page. Touchmark Reg. Power Hammers. What's New. Daily Comics.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media.

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rays tire hammer

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rays tire hammer

Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Tire Hammer Plans by Clay Spencer? Thread starter Start date May 25, It is powered by a 1 hp, rpm electric motor, or volts, runs about blows per minute and uses a spring toggle mechanism similar to Little Giant hammers. The anvil is 6" solid round minimum size by 36" high and the frame is 5" square tubing.

The plans are 40 pages, printed front and back on 20 sheets that include parts list, detail and assembly drawings, sources, notes, installation, adjustments and maintenance. Over hammers have been built using these plans. Tel: or E-mail clay tirehammer. Also, Clay leads workshops for chapters or groups to build 15 to 20 hammers and has Tire Hammers for sale.

Recommendations good or bad? Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, Wayne Coe Forum Owner - Moderator. I know a number of people who have participated in Clay's workshops. All have gotten well running hammers. I have seen these hammers used and think for the money it is a very good mechanical hammer, similar to a Little Giant. Attending a workshop is the way to go, or buy one.I've been toying with the idea for some time and finally pulled the trigger on the build.

I thought of going the scrap rout but the scrap yard I use charges prices for scrap at nearly the same cost as new. So I'm going all new stock and parts. I have to say the plans I purchased are most helpful. It's like a giant erector set. I've made a cut sheet so I could figure out how much stock to buy. Then got back to my shop and cut and numbered each piece. I do recommend this step as I just go to my bin and select the next pats to assemble. I'm going to keep track of my time and cost so It will give anyone who wants to tackle this project some perspective.

Tire Hammer by Raymond Head in use 2017 AFC Conference

I've posted the build so far on YouTube. I'll link it here. Thanks to everyone on here who has given me the inspiration to take this build on. It took two hours to cut up the stock I've purchased so far. I used a porta-band saw for some and a plasma cutter for others.

The saw gives me better control. The plasma gives me fits! It works like a hot knife Ahh the learning curve. Three hours the first night and four hours tonight has rendered me a few components and a healthy perspective on the time it will take to complete this. It isn't overly complicated really. The plans are written and laid out for the average guy like me to understand. I'll keep plugging away and I'll be done before long.

Good fun. Here is the next video. Great topic Be sure I'll follow you all along the build. I will buy the plan's soon and make all the planification for finally get my own tire hammer. Just a comment to try and help,When using your Mig dont try to do runs that are too big in one pass. Keep up the good work Cheers Beaver.Around Ray Clontz built for himself a mechanical power hammer designed similar to a Little Giant mechanical power hammer.

Clontz utilized two automotive brake rotors, an automotive clutch plate and automotive clutch throw out bearing as a speed control device and clutch.

Ray's hammer works quite well and I like the basic design. A year or so later, two of Ray's blacksmith friends also wanted to build power hammers, so Ray designed the "Tire Hammer" power hammer. It has since been copied many times all over the word. The first models were built from Ray's notes or photos or visual inspections of a completed machine and all were a little different depending on what materials were at hand. I was able to inspect those first two tire hammers built from Ray Clontz's design.

rays tire hammer

Clay's version is designed to be built in a weekend and utilize different tooling for various effects. In a gropu build, a group of blacksmiths build enough tire hammers for each participant to own one. When they are finished, numbers are drawn to determine which hammer belongs to each blacksmith.

So due to the time constraint, Clay's design favors simplicity of fabrication. Clay has supervised the fabrication of a lot of tire hammers. I have access to a metal lathe and milling machine, and I enjoy both designing and fabricating.

So, I will take a little different approach to the design of my Power Hammer. Similar to Ray Clontz's personal power hammer, I use two automotive disk brake rotors with clutch friction material between them for clutch and speed control. Included in this publication are some notes and photo's of my Disk Hammer fabrication.

This design may not be the easiest to fabricate, but it is the design I wanted to build. As in most equipment designed for production, all rotating parts except the spring pivots have bronze bushings or ball bearings. Most bushings have grease fittings. Where practical all parts were cleaned and painted. It didn't take a lot longer to make the work look professionally built.

Clutch slip control to smoothly deliver from light taps to full force impacts of 3 per second. Maximum linkage hammer head travel 9. Crankshaft stroke of 4. Linkage springs compress at pounds per inch with 4" maximum. At rest Hammer to anvil height 1. All of these variables can be changed to tune the Disk Power Hammer for maximum hammer impact energy. Since an increase in speed of the hammer results in much more impact energy than an increase in hammer weight, I am attempting to maximize the hammer speed of this power hammer while maintaining an acceptable level of impacts per second.

Clay Spencer / Ray Clontz Tire Hammer Jigs | Power Hammers and Presses | Forum

As in traditional hand hammer blacksmith work, the power hammer anvil is very important. Since the Dupont linkage of the power hammer is generating a lot of speed with the heavy hammer, a massive anvil is needed to absorb the excess energy that is not consumed by deforming the hot metal. From the information I've found, the power hammer anvil should weigh from 10 to 18 times the hammer weight. There seems to be a pretty broad range of ratios in the blacksmith community.

This calculates to a to pound anvil for a 35 pound hammer.Login name. Remember me. Minimum search word length is 3 characters - maximum search word length is 84 characters. Does anyone out there have any tried and true jigs for a Clay Spencer tire hammer? PaulBick said Does anyone out there have any tried and true jigs for a Clay Spencer tire hammer? Davy is a great blacksmith and a terrific artist. We get together every couple weeks and mostly bullshit and drink beer.

Sometimes, we fire up a coke forge and play in the fire.

Fred Connell's 35 lb. Power Hammer

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