Order of nine angles rituals

With black candles and incense of Mars burning, the congregation, dressed in black robes, chant:. We believe Adolf Hitler was sent by our gods To guide us to greatness. We believe in the inequality of the races. In The Ceremony of Recalling, the Preistess blindfolds the Priest and takes him to each member of the congregation who kiss him.

After performing a sexual act on the Priest, the Priestess removes the robes of the congregation.

Order of Nine Angles

The congregation consume the consecrated cakes [made from wheat, water, egg, honey, animal fat and marijuana] and wine and take their own pleasures according to their desires.

The three volumes of The Black Book of Satan are considered so extreme that they are kept is a special section of the British Library and not available to the general public. To cull — according to our guildlines and tests — is what makes us ONA. One of the early adherents was David Myatt see profile on page 84a quiet, unassuming man who had been drawn into the Nazism and the occult at an early age.

He is believed to have had a relationship with the Lady Master and together they had a child. He was to take on the satanic pseudonym of Anton Long.

order of nine angles rituals

In the s the leadership of the O9A was taken over by Richard Moult, who is now an artist and musician living in the Hebrides, and operates under the name Christos Beast. He publicly resigned from the O9A inbut has since returned to the fold in Myatt has also publicly left the O9A, but again this is highly suspect as Moult recently admitted that the two remain in regular contact.

The Order of Nine Angles is intrinsically intertwined with Nazism.

Order Of Nine Angels- Red Ritual

During the s, Myatt become involved in Combat 18 and the National Socialist Alliance, produced two e-newsletters The National Socialist and Reichsfolk, and then later created the National Socialist Movement, which included the London nail bomber David Copeland among its members.

The primary duty of all National Socialists is to change the world. National Socialism means revolution: the overthrow of the existing System and its replacement with a National- Socialist society. Revolution means struggle: it means war. It means certain tactics have to be employed, and a great revolutionary movement organised which is primarily composed of those prepared to fight, prepared to get their hands dirty and perhaps spill some blood.

Even after the 11 years he spent as a Muslim, becoming a key ideologue for al-Qaeda, he never really left his National Socialism behind. In one interview he explained how he had tried to unite radical Islamists with national socialists in a joint war against the Jews, had pushed Holocaust Denial and whipped up Muslims to attack Israel.

For a man so committed to his nazi occult ideals, it might appear strange that Myatt has punctuated his 50 years as a satanist with spells consuming himself in other religions. He has been a Taoist, a Bhuddist monk and more recently a Muslim. Likewise, when Richard Moult publicly resigned from the O9A, he become a Catholic and immersed himself with Bible study. For many years the O9A had just been Myatt, Moult and a handful of close followers.Ritual sexual human sacrifice is the murder of a person during some kind of ceremonial ritual which involves sexual acts prior, during or after the murder.

When reading any history book on human sacrifice, inevitably the most barbaric groups in terms of brutal ritual are listed as such cultures as the Maya, the Aztecs and Incas, particularly from the accounts of Spanish priests who claimed to have witnessed great bloody ceremonial sacrifices. Yet this is quite untrue. The most evil, brutal, bizarre and psychologically twisted ancient religious ceremonies involving human sacrifice revolve around the trinity of Sadducee demon gods.

The principle pantheon of gods of the Sadducees were mainly derived from their Syrian Ugarit roots- The most senior God was was Ashtoreth the goddess of fertility, sexuality and war. Her ceremonial headdress was the Kippathe cap worn thousands of years before Christianity adopted it for its leadership followed by the Jews and then the Sadducee influenced Muslims.

The second was Daganthe god of agriculture, plenty food and good fortune. The priests of Dagan wore fish dressthe archetype of the Mitre fish hats of Christian bishops. Similarly, Cybele had important sexually explicit orgy like rituals involving cannibalism and human sacrifice apart from obligatory child sacrifice and human burning. Of all ancient religions, it is the Sadducees that were most evil and involved the incorporation of sex and violent frenzied murder to its absolute maximum.

The Priest himself would have secured an a causal existence in the Land of the Dark Gods and would thereby become immortal. They are tested according to their character and, should they fail the test, are judged to have selected themselves. Probably the most Sinister of all rites of Sacrifice to be found in modern days is the rite known as The Sinister Calling.

The Fast itself demands absolute silence save for the chanting nine time a day at sunset of the Diabolus, a Satanic version of the Christian Dies Irae chant. Prior to the actual rite the sacrificial Priest is chosen by lot. The congregation then assembles in the Temple and the rite begins. The Priestess serves as the altar for this rite whilst the Opfer is held by the Temple Guardian.

The Opfer-Priest is then united with the Priestess in coition whilst the Priestess visualizes the Gate opening further. The Priest is then led away to a secluded place where the Master of the Temple will then perform the ritual sacrifice.

Returning to the Temple the Master will present the Mistress of the Earth with a bowl containing the blood of the sacrificed Priest.To the Satanist sex is a powerful force, a force that is to be respected not misused, after all it is through sex that a being is born and this by itself indicates the vast amount of power that sex beholds to the Satanist.

Sexuality in Satanism then is not simply reducible to sado-masochism, rape, child-abuse or sexual torture. Such observations reflect a psychological problem within the opposers of Satanism rather than the Satanists themselves. For the Satanists say that it is the Christian religion that has disrespected the most important act of the animal kingdom by reducing it to a sinful act. Such methods of sexual magic, when performed under a ritualistic setting provide the participants with a focus for the conscious mind, which then enables the more advanced of the two participants to raise the level of contact to the psychological rather than the purely physical.

The sexual nature of the rite may be performed in two ways.

order of nine angles rituals

Firstly, a Priest and Priestess perform the ritual naked upon an isolated hilltop. Such methods of Sound Magic enable the participants to activate hitherto unknown areas of their minds and cause changes in consciousness as though inducing a semi trance-like state.

The Priest therefore vibrates these words in the direction of the Priestess who holds a quartz crystal tetrahedron in her palms. After this vibration has been completed, the Priestess lies on the ground, still holding the crystal whilst the Priest performs cunnilingus. When the Priestess is suitably aroused the Priest then begins copulation, during which the Priestess visualizes a gateway situated in the stars above them opening and a black nebulous chaos flowing downwards to the earth.

The energy from the orgy is used to enhance the presencing of the Dark Gods who are then said to manifest. The changes of consciousness that may occur through such a rite can be equated on one level with the creation of the Antichrist, that is, the Satanist who absorbs the power brought forth through the ritual becomes akin to the Antichrist, an individual who embodies the power of the Dark Gods of the Sinister Tradition.

Such an individual is considered to be, on a psychic level, a gateway [1] to the abode of the Dark Gods. This period of sexual development has largely been corrupted, according to Satanists, by the rise of Christian morality concerning sexuality. This repression is therefore inevitably sublimated in numerous ways.

Accordingly some individuals may sublimate the sexual energy in such a manner that they orientate towards sexual criminality. The second function of sex within the orgiastic sphere is that concerning the direction of the energies raised through unrestrained sexual indulgence.

With the inclusion of an orgiastic element within Traditional Satanic rites, the energy that the ritual would have produced is naturally expanded to include the sexual energy which is then directed towards a specific intent according to the preset aims of the Master and Mistress of the Temple.

An alternative method is for the energy to be stored in a crystal for use at a later date. Although the above are the balanced expressions of ritualistic sexual magic, there are cases where some Satanists utilize aspects of sexuality that are considered abhorrent, evil and that are unlawful.

Yet, although there are cases whereby women initiates may become the so-called victim, there is no evidence whatsoever that pedophilia is occurring within Satanism and even though there have been numerous allegations from the media connecting Satanism to child-abuse, the only cases of ritual child abuse that have been successfully prosecuted in court are those that find the pedophile to be a Christian minister or Priest. As a survivor of ritual abuse and mind control, I have personally had the opportunity to examine how I was discouraged from expressing myself and forced to follow others.

This eventually caused me to constantly examine my surroundings and create my own intellectual reality. I have seen others blindly follow proscribed sex roles in terms of dress, behavior and career and blindly follow proscribed religious and political guidelines.

I somehow seem to have escaped much of this, only following what was absolutely necessary to survive in the world. These lessons, experienced on a bodily level, transfer into the deepest levels of our conscious and subconscious being, and correspond with other oppressive systems.

Widespread child sexual abuse supports a racist, sexist, classist and atheist society that attempts to train citizens into docility and unthinking acceptance of whatever the government and big business deem fit to hand out Kadi, Part of the false memories emphasis on discreditation has been to slow down the healing of survivors, especially ritual abuse survivors.A pdf version of this article is available here — roots-of-the-o9a.

Note: This article was updated on 9 June by adding a reference to the book Studien zum antiken Synkretismus aus Iran und Griechenland. In addition, the ONA is unlike most, if not all, contemporary Occult orders or organizations in that it has no centralized organization, no person claiming to be its leader, no formal membership, and — as the ONA — holds no public activities, meetings, or events, issues no public statements, and detests the use of titles.

Instead, it is a particular type of secret society; a collection of covert localized groups small clandestine cells and anonymous individuals who identify with or who support its aims, methods, and goals; who apply its praxis to their own lives, and who often establish their own local ONA nexion and recruit people to join it. According the Order of Nine Angles themselves, they have always been based on the principle of. These groups and individuals then would or could be the genesis of other seedlings.

Little wonder, then, that the O9A has attracted criticism. It is convenient to divide the writings of Anton Long — his esoteric philosophy — into two parts, before and after around c. Some of the later writings extensively elaborate on some of the topics mentioned in the early writings, with many of these later writings apparently dealing with altogether new topics.

That is, most definitely beforeand probably in the early s, the philosophy was complete, if only — in respect of some of the more advanced aspects — as yet untried, untested, by Anton Long himself. For what these later writings seem to show is a writing from personal experience; with the early writings, for instance, just mentioning — or more often than not dealing only in a cursory manner with — topics such as the Abyss, pathei-mathos, and the cultivation of dark empathy.

In effect, therefore, the later writings are those of a wiser man who, following his own journey along the Seven Fold Way, ventured into and beyond the Abyss to reach the penultimate stage of that Way. A detailed study of all the works authored by Anton Long, from the s to — from the novels in the Deofel Quartet to the Black Book of Satanto Naosthe two volume Satanic Letters of Stephen Brownthe three volumes of Hostia, and later writings such as Pathei-Mathos and The Initiatory Occult Quest — reveal some of the roots of, or those who may have influenced, his esoteric philosophy and its development, and which roots and influences, despite silly claims made by some over the last two decades, are not from the likes of Crowley, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, LaVey or the Temple of Set, but rather from much older, and separate, occult traditions.

Occult traditions that owe much to a ancient Greek hermetic writings in the original Greekb Arabic alchemical and Sufi texts themselves often influenced by the writings of the Greek philosophers and possibly Hellenic hermeticismc ancient Persian and Indic philosophy, and c an ancient pagan tradition indigenous to the British Isles.

The very name chosen by Anton Long, in the s, to propagate his esoteric philosophy — the Order of Nine Angles — is interesting and indicative. It is equally likely that the Order has borrowed from classical Indian tradition that arranges the solar system into nine planets, and the world itself has nine corners ; or perhaps from the Sanskrit srivatsaa special mark with nine angles that indicates the supernatural or the heroic.

See Gonda, J. The Indian belief that the world has nine corners is attested even in medieval European sources, e. See Pingree, D. Indeed, the founder of the ONA has stated in several documents and interviews that Naos was influenced by a private collection of unpublished Arabic manuscript folios, which may share a common ancestry with the Picatrix and Shams.

No demons. A wordless, conceptless, feeling of connexions, and of the natural balance that we mortals, being unwise, have such a tendency to upset. Of the need, sometimes, to cleanse, perchance to cull.

Hence why their removal — by exile or by cull — would end cure the sickness, restore the balance their rotten deeds and they themselves had caused to be upset, restoring thus the natural flow, and gifts, of Life: of health, fecundity, happiness, good fortune.Classic ONA Texts.

The Dark Arts aka Dark, or Sinister, Sorcery, or magick include: 1 the basic skills of practical sorcery traditionally learnt — by means of practical experience — by those following the Seven Fold Sinister Way; and 2 an additional series of techniques or skills suitable for an aspiring Adept.

The additional advanced skills include Dark-Empathy, using, or creating, nexions to access the acausal, and Acausal-Thinking. Practical sorcery refers to External, Internal, and Aeonic Sorcery. The esoteric essence behind the practice of Aeonic sorcery is given in texts relating to the mythos of The Dark Gods, and works such as The Meaning of The Nine Angles parts 1 and 2.

Ritualized Sexual Magick

This simple Rite — as described in Naos: A Practical Guide to Becoming an Adept — is the main, most effective, means of developing acausal empathy, and it enables the aspiring Adept, by its rigours, simplicity, and isolation, to attune themselves to the acausal essence beyond causal forms.

To live for a period of no less than three months, in the simple manner prescribed and in an isolated location removed from human habitation and human contact, is how sinister Adepts have, for centuries, begun to develope the faculty of acausal-empathy and acquired the most important esoteric skill of being able, by using this faculty, of opening nexions to the acausal. The standard form of this technique lasts for only one specific alchemical season from Spring Equinox to Summer Solstice in Northern climeswhich specific alchemical season is the absolute minimum amount of causal time required to enable the aspiring Adept to acquire the basic, and necessary, skills.

The more advanced form — lasting for a different and longer alchemical season from Winter Solstice to Summer Solstice in Northern climes — is however, while difficult and intensely selective because of this difficulty — more efficacious and develops much greater, more effective, skills, and indeed is the breeding ground of the Adept. It is recommended that the individual begins with the simple form of the game — which only has 27 pieces — before constructing and beginning to play the advanced form of the game, as described in Naos.

While the essentials of acausal thinking can be developed by regular playing of the simple game, it is the advanced form of the game that really develops the Dark Art of acausal-thinking. In many ways, acausal-thinking can be considered to be a developed, and an enhanced, form of acausal-empathy, although in essence it is really a distinct, new, evolutionary ability whose genesis was acausal-empathy.

Basically, there are three main types of nexion. The first is an actual physical nexion. The second type of nexion is a living causal being, such as ourselves. A much more efficacious — that is, more powerful — rite to open a direct nexion to the acausal is The Ceremony of Recalling, with Sacrificial Conclusion, as given for example, in The Grimoire of Baphomet, Dark Goddess.

Thus the acausal entities — such as The Dark Gods — said by tradition to reside in the acausal can be considered as either archetypes of the collective unconscious of our psyche or as actual beings who exist in an alternative supernatural reality and who can, or who have the ability, to manifest in some form or other in our world, our universe.

These practical experiments involve using The Dark Arts, as outlined above. Both volumes are available in pdf format. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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From there a Satanist uses those images against the ethos itself, that was once his own conditioning. Persons who participate in traditional Satanic Masses sometimes experience a kind of "satori", a sudden enlightenment, to an increase in their own consciousness, and feeling stronger and satisfied because they had broken with the constraining opposites. In other words, at its highest level Satanism uncovers what the ethos of a particular community or society has covered up through images, dogma, words and ideas, returning the individual to the primal chaos out of which "opposites" were created.

Should the Roman Catholic Church had not forbidden the marriage of clergy in the yearthere would be no paedophilia among their consecrated employees, because bishops, priests and others would have led a normal and natural conjugal and sexual life, among adults only.

order of nine angles rituals

The sexual abuse problem is, therefore, systemic and a combination of compulsory priestly celibacy and the confession booth. The Vatican in Rome is a brood of vipers and the cause of all abuse, bloodshed and wars down the past ages, and maybe to come.

Ritualized Sexual Magick

Roman Catholic scandals are today spread all over the globe, and not only in Belgium where the author of this chapter lives. Religions can no longer keep secret their horrifying hypocrisy and practices. The former Belgian archbishop -cardinal, and that is very recent, did not bother about child abuse in his church, and hided cases of sexual abuse committed by clergy. However, the self- same Cardinal Godfried Danneels claims that justice must do its work.

In spite of this, the Belgium's Catholic Church has been hit hard by the sex abuse scandal that has engulfed the wider European Roman Catholic clergy with reports that bishops covered up abuse of in seminars, schools and other church-run institutions. Can the catholic believers still trust their own church? One must be very stupid these days attending church meetings whatever the christian denomination, a complete waste of time and energy. Let they rather say: "Praised are You Prince of Darkness.

By the defiant: through our lusts for delights, we have this drink the ritual cup with strong wine. Let it become for us an elixir of joy. Indeed, and more than ever, Traditional Satanism despises Christianity, and for centuries has waged a psychological war against its teaching and beliefs.

Satanists see it as a complete negation of those instincts that urge conquest, vitality, exploration and true knowledge. However, Traditional Satanism is much more than simply a rejection of this corrupt and disgusting religion. Traditional Satanism is often regarded as being superior to other traditions because it combines cultivation of experience by often dangerous means, through the development of will and vitality.

To exercise the will, along the Order of Nine Angles, the so-called "Black Pilgrimage", a sevenfold way which takes many months, is difficult and even dangerous, but by doing this produces a profound individual change.

Pathworking, whatever technique, even in worship is the mover and shaker of all Esoteric Groups even in Traditional Satanism. The Ritual of Worship, meditative communication, dance, sex in full agreement and love, faithful thoughts prayerand all those things that "end up" expressing one's deepest beliefs, is very powerful working in magick.

No matter what form "Pathworking" takes, it is the essence behind it, which causes it to be filled with energy as located in the Cosmic Tree of Wyrd, as found in the ON A writings.

Pathworking is a Craft that opens our hearts and minds to the experience of the moment.Claiming to have been established in the s, it rose to public recognition in the early s, attracting attention for its neo-Nazi ideologies and activism. Describing its approach as " Traditional Satanism ", it has been identified by academic researchers as also exhibiting Hermetic and modern Pagan elements in its beliefs.

According to the Order's own account, it was established in the Welsh Marches of Western England during the late s by a woman who had previously been involved in a secretive pre-Christian sect surviving in the region.

This account also states that in a man named "Anton Long" was initiated into the group, subsequently becoming its Grand Master. Several academic commentators to have studied the ONA express the view that the name "Anton Long" is probably the pseudonym of the British neo-Nazi activist David Myattalthough Myatt has denied that this is the case.

From the late s onward, Long authored a number of books and articles propagating the Order's ideas, and in it began production of its own journal, Fenrir. Through these ventures it established links with other neo-Nazi Satanist groups around the world, furthering its cause through embracing the Internet in the s. The ONA promotes the idea that human history can be divided into a series of Aeons, each of which contain a corresponding human civilization.

According to Order teachings, this is necessary in order for a Galactic civilization to form, in which " Aryan " society will colonise the Milky Way. It advocates a spiritual path in which the practitioner is required to break societal taboos by isolating themselves from society, committing crimes, embracing political extremism and violence, and carrying out an act of human sacrifice.

ONA members practice magickbelieving that they are able to do so through channeling energies into our own "causal" realm from an "acausal" realm where the laws of physics do not apply, with such magical actions designed to aid in the ultimate establishment of the Imperium. The ONA lacks any central authority or structure, instead operating as a broad network of associates — termed the "kollective" — who are inspired by the texts originally authored by Long and other members of the "Inner ONA".

The group comprises largely of clandestine cells, termed "nexions. Some academic estimates suggest that the number of individuals broadly associated with the Order falls in the low thousands.

Various killings and terroristic activities have been perpetrated by far-right activists influenced by the ONA's teachings, with various British politicians and activists calling for the ONA to be proscribed as a terrorist group.

It has been described as one of the most extreme and dangerous Satanist groups in the world. Academics have found it difficult to ascertain "exact and verifiable information" about the ONA's origins given the secrecy with which the group shields itself. According to the Order's account, one of those whom the Grand Mistress initiated into the group was "Anton Long", an individual who described himself as a British citizen who had spent much of his youth visiting Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

This account further states that when the Order's Grand Mistress migrated to Australia, Long took over as the group's new Grand Master. The real identity of "Anton Long" remains a mystery to both members of the Order and to academics who have studied it. Goodrick-Clarke supported the idea that Myatt was Long, [21] with the religious studies scholar Jacob C. Senholt adding that "the role of David Myatt [is] paramount to the whole creation and existence of the ONA". Parker argued in favour of the idea that Myatt was Long.

Myatt himself has repeatedly denied allegations that he has any involvement with the ONA, [28] and that he has used the pseudonym "Anton Long", [29] furthermore challenging the arguments used to connect him with Long by claiming that they are based on insufficient evidence. Monette posited the possibility that "Anton Long" was not a singular individual but rather a pseudonym used by several different people.

The ONA arose to public attention in the early s. During the early s, the Order stated that it was entering the second stage of its development, in which it would leave behind its prior focus on recruitment and public outreach within the occult community and that it would instead focus on refining its teachings; its resulting quietness led some occultists to erroneously speculate that the ONA had become defunct.

The ONA describe their occultism both as "Traditional Satanism", [56] [a] and as a "mystical sinisterly-numinous tradition". The ONA are strongly critical of larger Satanic groups like the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set[64] whom they deem to be "sham-Satanic" because they embrace the "glamour associated with Satanism" but are "afraid to experience its realness within and external to them".

When in the past we and others like us have said things that others interpret as being against the [Temple of Set] or La Vey, we were simply assuming the role of Adversary — challenging what seemed to be becoming accepted dogma. Although conceiving of itself as having pre-Christian origins and describing Satanism as "militant paganism", the ONA does not advocate the re-establishment of pre-Christian belief systems, with one ONA tract stating that "all past gods of the various Western Traditions are rendered obsolete by the forces which Satanism alone is unleashing".

The ONA states that cosmic evolution is guided by a "sinister dialectics" of alternating Aeonic energies. In each civilization's final stage is a period that lasts for approximately years, in which it is controlled by a strong military and imperial regime, after which the civilization falls.

Toynbee[71] with Senholt suggesting that it might also have been influenced by Crowley's ideas regarding Thelemic Aeons.

The ONA claim that current Western civilization has a Faustian ethos and that it has recently undergone its Time of Troubles, with its final stage, an "Imperium" of militaristic governance, due to commence at some point in — and last until


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