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Skip to content. Versions en Jump to bottom. Allows you to break extra long links and words. If enter the thread by clicking [Reply] with disabled option, then the scroll will not restored. Lynxchan engine — Fix for subject detection in posts, fix for posts deletion. Dropped 8ch. Support for WebP files. Post previews "from the depth of the thread" on threads list is lazy now and does not load all thread thumbnails. Lynxchan boards — Fix for working in saved threads.

Checkboxes of spoiler-images in the reply form are now cleared after sending. Fix for "expand all images" button. Chrome — fix for videos zooming. Removed ingect-into content from metadata.

The counter of images on the panel now does not take into deleted posts. Violentmonkey — fix for working in frames. Fix for expanding of images that added by links in posts. Fix for indication of file upload progress when posting. Fix for ajax in Firefox The answer button now has a new added menu: [Reply to thread][Report post] for 2ch.

Now you can mark and track "my posts" even on those imageboards where "my posts" were not tracked before.

kohlchan archive

Hidden posts are no longer unhide when expanding the thread. The screen will no longer scroll somewhere randomly after replying to the thread. Fixed CSP conflicts in Violentmonkey. Added arhivach. Fixed support for timecodes in YouTube links.

Firefox add-on is available. Chrome extension and Firefox add-on now loads in pages as quickly as in Violentmonkey and Greasemonkey. That is, at the document. Added pop-up menu and settings page.

Option is removed. If there are hidden threads on the first page, then the the same amount is loaded from the following pages up to the fourth.

Fix for loading in saved threads. Fix for sauce buttons. Vichan boards — deleted [Watch thread] button New feature — Button angular 7 expandable table row edit the file name in the reply form.

Sets as a file name a time stamp chosen randomly up to 5 years in the past, as if you downloaded a picture from imageboards a long time ago. In contrast, "[Unixtime] file names" sets the Unix stamp of the current time. Fix for posting with disabled option 'Replace "Email" with Sage button'.They can post everything that they think suitable but it must fall in the categories specified by the 7chan. A different categories or yo0u can say image boards are available at the 7chan. In case of filling of the existing board, the new image boards will also be provided by the 7chan.

In order to start sharing and posting with 7chan.


You are advised to follow these rules strictly because 7chan. If you will start posting without knowing about the community or will act immature, non-serious or rude then your posts will be normally ignored by the 7chan.

You are allow what you want to share but at the same you are not permit to disrespect others. Moreover, English language must be used in the proper structure and grammar style. In case of poor writing or tool bad grammar style your post will also be neglected by the 7chan. It has its own unique system of image boards or chan where anyone can post messages and share the images with others as well.

If you want to enjoy an open discussion forum then HispaChan. You are freely allowed to choose the boards that interest you and then you can join it to explore its further features.

4chan.org Alternatives

The main are of interest at HispaChan. There are some rules that you must follow in order to join the HispaChan. As most of the data available at the HispaChan. You must be eighteen years or older to visit HispaChan.

If you want to share your work with HispaChan. From normal to adult, chan. These boards are arranged in to categories as per the interests of the visitors. The main highlighted categories at the main page of chan. You are allowed to freely access any category and share the content with others as well. At present, almost millions of post are the part of the database of chan. By taking part into web based image board system of the chan.We make sure your ship is headed in the right direction to save you time and money, all while delivering better results.

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kohlchan archive

IT Consulting We make sure your ship is headed in the right direction to save you time and money, all while delivering better results. Software Development Our expert team of software developers will you save you time and money on even the most complex of projects.

Cyber Security We can keep your online presence secure and protected all from cyber threats including DDoS, wiretapping, and more. Server Hosting With our owned and operated data center and thousands of industry partners we have a solution for all needs. We help our clients succeed by giving you access to our insights and experience.

What we do. Fresh ideas. Enterprise Veterans. Washington Engineering.In one of the pictures, she is in a short black dress with Morphew Collection chains, while in the other, she is wearing a leather Moschino Couture skirt and a T-shirt with a cherry print. In addition, Gomez was photographed in a white top without a bra, black Balenciaga trousers and Vetements boots of the same color.

Selena was accompanied by a girlfriend wearing one lone latex glove, perhaps for any doors or handles they needed to open. The young singer wore a tank top with no bra and comfy joggers for her visit.

Hopefully Selena is doing alright and this is just a routine visit. In a new issue, the singer talked about her fears about her last album and how she was tempered by the problems of the past years. Selena Gomez, 27, appeared in a new photoshoot and showed that despite all the difficulties she had suffered, she was ready to live and create. In the shots Selena showed a delicious figure, posing in a tight body with a luxurious neckline and short skirts. Look what you are missing Justin Abuser!

Selena appeared to have a strong reaction sitting down and wincing in pain. A friend comforted her, and a few others fetched someone to carry her the rest of the way.

Go back two years and enjoy this fantastic content! Gomez was photographed in various dresses, showing off her sexy body in the pool like Iggy and the courtyard. Selena Gomez is an American actress, model, singer, and designer. She is an idol of young people and, despite serious health problems, continues to delight fappers with new Fappening-style stuff, songs, and pictures. Selena was the face of the iconic Louis Vuitton brand. The singer showed off her sexy figure and squeezed tits, while posing on the red carpet in a toxic green dress.

The gang seems to be in good spirits as they arrive at the Italian eatery. Selena can be seen playfully pushing her friend by the shoulders as they arrive at the restaurant.Not quite a unicorn, but a loli that can make any outfit look sexy is just as good. I'll have to figure out how to post multiple pictures later, am retard. Roo Kanga2y. Happy Dad's Day, Bro!!! Nobody had the heart to tell her she put the outfit on wrong.

Seoul World Championships 1999 SWF - L4 - Bau v GER v Boiko RUS

Lil' brown unicorn girl Father's Day unicorn. That's quite enough of sticking to the thread theme for now. If I had girls, I would have serious anxiety about what kind of guys they would eventually date or marry.

Also, just how many unicorn pics do you have? I've got no more than a few :p. There were a couple of times that, just as a weird, fun family joke, I played the role of "that Dad" You can stop playing games Poke, we all know that it's you. The way Poke operates: He enters our Tox groupchat and waits for someone to post links to a new pedo site. Then he goes, spams that site with nazi shit and reports it the authorities. Ever wondered why the anti-pedo guy always finds your websites so easily?

Well, that's because you were feeding him links to those websites yourself the whole time. I guarantee you that if you kept your website a secret from Poke, then there would never be any trouble with authorities. Look Trippy, we might be enemies, but in this case I'm giving you a good advice: Do not trust Poke.

DoD military intelligence folks. It's also the weapon that I have a concealed carry permit for By the way I'm not talking about cringey pics of them actually getting fucked, or anything On Lolifox it was an absolute "No-No", which I never entirely understood given the other content that got regularly posted therelol.

You did not see my message in the previous thread :P thanks. How can grannies even compete? I really fucking hate that insufferable, meth-fueled sperglord, tbqh.The suspect, named by media as a year-old German citizen, Stephan Balliet, broadcast his rampage on the Twitch platform. The footage shows the suspect becoming increasingly frustrated as his homemade weapons repeatedly malfunction.

In at least three instances the video shows the suspect pointing a gun directly at a victim only for the weapon to jam. Balliet, who lived with his mother in the municipality of Helbra, about 40km from the site of the attack, has been described in German media reports as a loner with few close friends, who spent a lot of time in front of his computer. A mission statement that was first uploaded on the obscure meguca.

When he died of cancer inLuty, 46, was facing three terrorism charges for manuals he had published explaining how to build firearms, including a 9mm submachine gun, according to the Yorkshire Evening Post.

The Halle suspect appears to have used one of these homemade Luty submachine guns, as well as other homemade guns and hand grenades, according to the Kohlchan documents. The footage of the shooting suggests the homemade guns malfunctioned, which may have helped prevent more murders. Both the documents and the livestreamed footage suggest the gunman was a white nationalist, and that he hoped his attack would inspire other white people to kill more Jewish people, as well as other people he perceived as enemies of the white race, including Muslim people, black people, anti-fascists, and communists.

Germany has strict gun laws and rigorous procedures for buying weapons, but it also has very high rates of private gun ownership.

While German authorities have not yet confirmed the types of weapons used in the attack, some arms experts online said it was clear from images of the weapons used in the attack that at least one of the guns was built from a distinctive Luty submachine blueprint.

Germany's Jewish leaders condemn police response to Halle attack

Infirearms officers arrested Luty and searched his home. He died before the case went to trial. The Twitch video, seen by the Guardian, suggests that the attacker was on the street outside the synagogue for more than five minutes, during which time he shot and killed a passerby, without being approached by law enforcement.

After a visit to the synagogue on Thursday, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Germans needed to united against extremism. We must protect Jewish life. Based on information from the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation ICSRan earlier version said that the suspect uploaded a mission statement to the German message board Kohlchan.

After publication, the ICSR said that in fact the manifesto was originally posted on the meguca. This has been updated. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Germany. Gun crime Europe news.

kohlchan archive

Reuse this content. Most popular.File: The only Irish poster on CB! Saint Curitiba The Pious!! Posting mode: Reply [Return] [Go to bottom].

Unironi not feelin good The whole of the Hooligans feel like honorary bronnenites Whether they like that or not. Clarie wasn't one to suck anything like lola right I think we just gotta put our feeding tubes out for a day. Douglas Ave. Think dying of a bsr virus yet you post on your blog that Claire is the healthiest of the family :DDD.

BSR Zombies. Her body systems shut down, possibly due to a catastrophic virus.

kohlchan archive

Abby Dawn Maclaskey, our local EMS and police worked lovingly and thoroughly to try to save her life. Despite their attempts, we were not able to restart her heart.

Her body had fulfilled its mission on Earth, and Claire earned her angel wings. We are completely shattered, in total disbelief, and heartbroken beyond comprehension. We know how many lives she impacted in her short 17 years, and we are so proud of her for living and loving life to its fullest. We selfishly wanted more time, as life is just not the same without her here.

We will be taking a social media break until we feel we are able to sort through the magnitude of this tremendous loss. Thank you for loving our girl all these years and for never forgetting how important her precious life was. We love you all. Share condolences at www. I would rather endure this inexplicable pain of outliving you than to never have seen your face, spoken your name. I would rather be yours, and you be mine, regardless. Regardless of the sorrow, the sleepless nights, and the years I will walk this earth, carrying you in my heart.

How devastating.


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