How to use a ti 36x pro

By Tech Powered Dad May 18, A couple of months ago, I was flipping through a math teacher supply catalogue, looking at the pictures of the new TI-Nspire CX and Casio Prizm, when something caught my eye. It was an add for a scientific calculator that I had never seen. This little calculator has gotten almost zero hype in the wake of the color graphing calculator battle going on.

Despite the lack of attention it was getting, I was extremely intrigued. I eventually reached out to one of my contacts at Texas Instruments headquarters to inquire about getting to take a look at one for a TIX Pro review and was immediately was sent one. In short, the TIX Pro not to be confused with the standard TIX offers many of the features of a graphing calculator on a scientific calculator.

I consider it a lifesaver for high school and college students that for some reason are not allowed to use a graphing calculator. The TIX Pro now brings this ability to a scientific calculator. You can use the 36X Pro to solve definite integrals and derivatives for calculus.

TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator

The matrices are edited in a separate window and operations are performed with names A, B, C, etc. Other features unique among TI scientific calculators include complex numbers and even vectors. I also really like how the button interface works. Fortunately, Texas Instruments went a different direction. Some buttons have more than one function actually printed on the button itself. A good example is sin and sin That means calculus functions are solved for exact values only no indefinite integrals.

Additionally, the equations dimensions are limited. The TIX Pro is an incredibly powerful scientific calculator in an easy to use interface. Please note that some links on this site are affiliate links, meaning a percentage of your purchase will support my work at Tech Powered Math at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support! TIX Pro Review. Subscribe to my weekly email update.

STEM careers are the future. Will you be ready? Popular Posts.Page of 30 Go. Quick Links. See also: User Manual. TIX Solar, English. Table of Contents. Note: Always press! With constant, repeats the operation and value.

TI-36X Pro Mean-Standard_Deviation-Variance

Changes sign of value just entered. When possible, improper fractions are displayed as mixed numbers. Cycles converts angle-unit setting between degrees, radians, and grads for display, entry, and calculation. Before using a DMS value in a calculation, you must convert it to decimal with. Convert rectangular coordinates 10,8 to polar. One-variable statistics mode. Clears all statistical data. Clears all statistical data, and memory.

Enters data point. Removes data point. Adds or removes multiple occurrences of a data point. Page 13 Find the sum, mean, population standard deviation, and sample standard deviation for the data set: 45, 55, 55, 55, 60, The last data point is erroneously entered as 8, removed with aand then correctly entered as Page 15 For trend-line analysis, enter 1st data point, and then enter just y values with 4.

Calculate correlation coefficient, slope, and intercept of the line, mean of x values, and mean of y values. Page Probability Probability A combination is an arrangement of objects in which order is not important, as in a hand of cards. Calculate the number of 5-card poker hands that can be dealt from a deck of 52 cards. Clears display, errors, all pending operations, statistical data, and memory. Calculate 3 times the speed of light: 3 8 " Umeters per second 9.

When a memory contains a number other than 0, single memory, press 0 : 1, 0 : 2, or 0 : 3. Page Order Of Operations Universal powers and roots. Multiplication and division. Addition and subtraction. Logical Logical O completes all operations.It currently represents the high-end model for the TI product lines. It can display 10 digits mantissa with 2 digits exponentand calculates with digit precision internally. It addition to standard features such as trigonometric functions, exponents, logarithmand intelligent order of operations found in TI and TI series of calculators, it also include base decimal, hexadecimaloctalbinary calculations, complex values, statistics.

It was manufactured by Taiwanese company Inventec Corporation. The design was similar on the version of TIbut without programming features and tilt screen, and only uses 7-segment LCD display. The double shift keys are remained. Additional unit conversions include cm-in, litre-US gallon, kg-lb, Celsius-Fahrenheit, gram-ounce. There are 8 physical constants. Register count was increased to 3. New statistic modes include 2-variable statistics with linear regression.

how to use a ti 36x pro

Complex function was removed. It received cosmetic redesigns, which include recolored keys and labels, rounder case, solid plastic button. The bare processor is now attached directly on motherboard. TI was since then discontinued. The design is based on version of TIX Solar, but was marketed to use recycled plastics for housing. A prominent new feature is 2-line display, which includes a row of character, 5x7-cell characters, used to display expressions entered by user.

To complement the 2-line display, it also stores multiple expressions. The interface was streamlined to use shift menus to access most scientific functions. An expression can have up to 88 characters or items. Internal precision was increased to 13 digits, while registers were increased to 5 for memory and 2 for expressions up to 47 characters or items.

New unit conversions meter-foot, meter-yard, kilometer-mile, liter-UK gallon, kilometer per hour-meter per secondand 8 more physical constants were added total 16 constants, 10 conversion pairs. Pi constant was also added. New 2-variable statistic regression models include natural logarithm, exponent, power. Up to 42 sample points or pairs can be stored. Complex function was restored. Other new functions include integral calculation Simpson's Rulemax 99 intervalsrandom number generators real, integer.

It was a cosmetic redesign of the model. Changes include new coloured keys and screen frame. It was manufactured by Nam Tai Electronics. This model incorporates the multi-line dot matrix display already used in the TI and 34 MultiView series calculators.

This display allows the calculator to perform numeric derivatives and integrals in a way similar to the much more advanced TI series graphing calculators.If your device battery is dead or low, you will need to replace it.

If your screen is set to a low contrast, it may seem like your device is off. Look closely for faint characters or a flashing cursor on the screen. Do this several times to raise the contrast to a higher level. You can lower the contrast by pressing and releasing the "2nd" button and then pressing the "-" button. Different types of lighting and viewing angles can make the screen appear to be very dim.

Try tilting the device or changing your current lighting to see if the screen becomes easier to read. A very high high or low display contrast can make the screen hard to read. If the batteries to your deice are low, then your screen may appear dim. The solar panel provides some power to the screen.

Calculator Tips

If it is broken, the screen might appear dim and hard to read. Having a dim screen can make it hard to see if the buttons are doing anything. Make sure that you can clearly see a flashing cursor. If not, you may need to adjust the contrast or your viewing angle. Sometimes, having one button stuck will make the other buttons unresponsive.

Make sure that there are no buttons stuck underneath your front panel. Sometimes you will need to reset your calculator to make it work. Try turning it off and on again. If the problem is unsolved, or you are unable to use the power button, read this guide to learn how to fully reset your calculator.

If broken of misaligned, the buttons will not work properly. Turn calculator off and on. If problem continues, check to see if any buttons are stuck or partially pressed.

Next, check to make sure that the screen is working. Screen is working properly if there is a flashing cursor displayed.Page of 78 Go. Quick Links. TIX Pro Calculator. Important information Switching the calculator on and off Display contrast Home screen Multi-tap keys Scrolling expressions and history Answer toggle Last answer Order of operations Clearing and correcting EE key Powers, roots and inverses Number functions Rectangular to polar Logarithm and exponential functions Numeric derivative Numeric integral Stored operationsIts features and functionality provide users with the capability to tackle statistics, conversions, calculus, and so much more.

In fact, it offers many of the features of a graphing calculator without the graphing component.

TI-36X Pro Review

The lack of graphing capabilities makes the Texas Instruments TI 36X Pro one of the best choices for students looking for a quality calculator for use on exams. Those in the field of engineering also find this unit to be intuitive and helpful on a daily basis. All users appreciate the ease of use whether performing fractional equations or calculating angle units radians, grads, degrees for trigonometry.

While nearly every user applauds this unit as one of the all-around best non-graphing calculators, there is one major gripe. The arithmetic function keys are chrome on silver, making the print almost unreadable under any lighting conditions. In fact, users have taken to using a permanent marker to fill in the symbols in an attempt to rectify the problem.

Some favorite highlights include the MathPrint feature and MultiView scrolling functionality. Overall, the Texas Instruments TI 36X Pro is a powerful scientific calculator with an incredibly user-friendly interface.

Students from high school through college or field workers in engineering and other areas will find this unit to be extremely helpful. Leave us a comment below or find us on Facebook and let us know what you think about this incredible calculator. Your email address will not be published.

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Learn more. Got it!You can solve most limit problems by using your calculator.

How to do do square roots on TI-36X pro calculator?

There are two basic methods. For example, say you want to evaluate the following limit:. Take a number extremely close to 5 and plug it into x. If you have a calculator like a Texas Instruments TI, follow these steps:. Press the Sto store button, then the x button, and then the Enter button. The result, 9. Scroll back up to the function by hitting 2ndEnter2ndEnter. You get 9. If you still have any doubts, try one more number.

how to use a ti 36x pro

Store 4. The result, 10, clinches it. The function value at 4. Because y gets very close to 10 as x zeros in on 5 from above and below, 10 is the limit.

how to use a ti 36x pro

Your calculator can give you the answers to limit problems that are impossible to do algebraically. For problems that you do solve on paper, you can use your calculator to check your answers.

Many calculus problems can be done algebraically, graphically, and numerically. When possible, use two or three of the approaches. Each approach gives you a different take on a problem and enhances your grasp of the relevant concepts. How to Solve Limits with a Calculator.


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