Hospice competency test

Only questions are scored. Fifteen of the questions are trial items being considered for future exams. Three hours are given to complete the exam. Grade Answers as You Go. Alzheimer disease is one type of dementia, with a known pre-clinical phase during which pathophysiologic changes begin to occur, followed by a symptomatic phase where cognitive and functional decline becomes noticeable. Lewy body deposits in the brain are associated with Lewy body dementia only. The degree of dementia progression often depends on underlying factors, although there is some evidence suggesting that early-onset Alzheimer patients progress more rapidly.

Irreversible organ failure is not a hallmark characteristic; instead, pain, constipation, and behavioral changes are the most common symptoms.

Incorrect answer. Please choose another answer. Typically, they do not cause discomfort for the patient, but can be very distressing to family members.

Repositioning the patient by turning him on his side can be helpful to decrease the noise associated with this situation. Anticholinergics can also be administered, but typically, once the secretions start, anticholinergic effectiveness is limited. Lowering the head of the bed would likely worsen dyspnea; pursed mouth-breathing, rather than deep nose-breathing, would be of greater benefit to lessening dyspnea; although guided imagery may improve mood, evidence does not demonstrate that it affects dyspnea directly.

John's symptoms are due to right sided diastolic heart failure, when the ventricle does not fill adequately, leading to a generalized edema of the extremities and the hepatic system. Symptoms of right sided failure include nausea, anorexia, peripheral edema, ascites, weakness, and weight gain. Poor cardiac output, decreased ejection fraction, organ perfusion failure are indicative of left-sided heart failure.

Acute stroke is associated with aphasia which may include difficulty with both understanding and with verbalizing speechataxia, numbness or paralysis of limbs or face, vision disturbances, and headaches, which may illicit vomiting. The other symptoms are not indicative of acute stroke symptoms. Breakthrough pain is intermittent episodes of pain that occur in patients with chronic pain. Opioid regimens for pain management in the hospice and palliative care setting should include a long-acting agent, once dosing need is established, and a short-acting agent to cover episodes of breakthrough pain.

Since most liquid forms are quite concentrated, even patients who are minimally responsive can tolerate such small volumes in the buccal space and typically maintain excellent pain control. A frequent misconception is that younger patients with few co-morbidities are at greatest risk for under-treatment for pain, but in fact the elderly, minorities, and women are most at risk for under-treatment.

Of the four case scenarios, the year old has two of the three risk factors. Transdermal fentanyl, also known as a fentanyl patch, is a good choice for individuals with pain who cannot swallow or do not remember to take their medication, and would need to be titrated to effect for this patient.

It is a particularly good choice for Margaret because she may be forgetful due to her brain metastasis, which would not improve by providing liquid morphine instead of tablets. As she does not live with a caregiver, depending on the neighbor to assure adequate pain management is not an effective plan. As Margaret is not in pain crisis, symptom control efforts should be initiated and the effect evaluated before referral to an inpatient hospice setting.

As constipation is a significant side effects of opioid therapy, any patient on an opioid should also be prescribed a prophylactic bowel regimen to prevent or manage constipation.

Senna is a simulant laxative that chemically stimulates the bowel to increase motility. Ondansetron HCl is a 5-HT3 receptor antagonist, used to prevent nausea and vomiting; diphenhydramine is an antihistamine used to treat opioid- induced pruritus; pamidronate is a bisphosphonate used as an adjuvant to opioids for bone pain.

Jordan is experiencing end-of-dose failure, which indicates that in the last hours of the dosing cycle, the blood levels of the drug are decreasing before uptake of the next scheduled dose. This is different than breakthrough pain, characterized by episode of pain despite control of continuous baseline pain.

By shortening the round-the-close drug interval, Jordan will experience more stable drug blood levels. Increasing the prn dosing would only result in a short-acting bolus just prior to the next dosing cycle and could cause sedation and other side effects.

A switch to another opioid is not necessary as this is typically done due to an undesirable side effect. A corticosteroid would not provide the desired pain management result in the last hours of the dosing cycle. Unexplained syncope, as well as previous cardiac arrest with resuscitation, and an embolic stroke originating from the cardiac system are all indicators of poor prognosis in this patient population. Prioritizing energy use is an important aspect of supporting the hospice patient who is experiencing progressive weakness and fatigue.

Helping the patient to identify which activities are most important to physical, emotional and spiritual needs empowers the patient to spend limited energy on those aspects that matter most to them.Originally established in to develop and administer a credentialing program for registered nurses RNs specializing in hospice care, the NBCHPN now certifies specialty nurses and nursing assistants at all levels of professional development. From the time of the first certification exam, given inuntil today, the NBCHPN has certified more than 12, nursing professionals in this specialty.

Hospice and palliative care nurses provide end-of-life treatment and care to patients and their families. Most have been in the field for over a decade, and have had significant prior experience as an RN before becoming certified in a specialty.

hospice competency test

Patients are often seen in their own homes while under hospice care, and the majority of the CHPNs duties involve direct patient care. Inover 2, candidates earned the credential. Candidates interface with AMP directly to apply for and schedule their exams. During each testing window, exams are given twice daily, Monday through Friday some weekends may be available at individual testing centers. The application period opens three months prior to the beginning of each testing window, and the deadline for applying is two weeks prior to the beginning of the testing period for online applications, and 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the period for paper applications.

Those who do not pass may retake the exam at any time by reapplying and paying the application fee. There is no waiting period for retaking the exam. Out of the questions, 15 are unscored, pretest questions. There, candidates are expected to arrive in a timely manner, and present two forms of identification.

One form must be government issued, and contain a photograph. Once in the testing room, personal items are not allowed. A locker will be provided by the testing center to store watches, wallets, keys, etc Penciles and scratch paper will be provided by the testing center for use during the exam.

The test is computer based. More free CHPN practice test questions. Raw scores are obtained by adding up the number of correctly answered questions on each exam. Scores are scaled by setting the passing raw score grade to a scaled score of 75, and converting raw scores above and below this point to scaled scores in a linear manner.

Unlike the raw score measurement, scaled scores take the difficulty of exam questions into consideration and therefore individual performance is unaffected by variations in difficulty among different versions of the exam.

The exam is structured so that difficult questions can be bookmarked and left unanswered, and returned to later to be completed. Raw scores are given this way in order to assist candidates in understanding their relative strengths in each area and support them in further study, whether to remediate in order to pass a failed exam, or to continue their education and build on their base of knowledge as a CHPN. Current options for maintaining certification are either retaking the exam after practicing the required number of hours as a CHPN, or fulfilling the practice hour requirement and completing a specified amount of continuing education.

hospice competency test

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hospice competency test

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Home Health Aide (HHA) Competency Test

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Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse Test

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CHPN Practice Exam

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I just wish all the street and towns had twenty less letters. Aevar did an excellent job helping us when we had a problem with our rental car.

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hospice competency test

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