Henry amplifiers

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The site will be something of which everyone involved can be proud to say they were a part. Toggle navigation. Forgot Password. Reviews Home. This is like the fifth henry I have owned, I now own 3 alphas a87a, and The amp is a 10 out of 10 and still using the original eimac z tubes with watt output easy all day long.

If you come across one buy it. Built like a Tank for real. Time Owned: more than 12 months. The unit is heavy; about 90 pounds packaged. It has the advertised 10dB gain and then some. As you go up in the bands the overall gain of the amplifier increases somewhat. Unfortunately the Henry Radio Company is no longer in business however there are several places you can research who will service this excellent amplifier.

If you are willing to work on the Classic yourself, as I did recently, be prepared for its weight and some close and tight spacing of components. My Henry, over time, became noisy. Airflow is necessary and there is a direct correlation between volume of airflow and noise. It is a sleeve bearing blower verses the original ball bearing.

henry amplifiers

Sleeve bearings start quieter than ball but increase their noise over time. The three nonconductive strips that secure the roller inductor have grooves in them to keep the coils equally spaced. Over time I believe the grooves expanded or were slightly worn larger. This allowed the coil to vibrate depending on the position of the roller and the resonant frequency of the case and blower. A very simple fix is able to be done with only taking the top and screening off the Henry Two screws and nuts are removed from only the top insulatorlift the insulator off, place it on your bench groves up and, depending on the looseness of the coil in the grooves, 1, 2 or 3 layers of tape are starting in the middle pushed into each groove.

Mine used 2 layers. Use a continuous length of tape folding it over itself if several layers are needed. The tape will stay by itself once in the grooves, carefully put the insulator back on the top of the roller inductor coils, make sure all coils fit into their corresponding grooves and put some pressure down on the insulator as you tighten both sides.

In my Henry there was no need to try to put any tape in the other 2 insulators as the slight downward pressure tightened all sides of the coil.Information Center. About This Web Site:. There is no guarantee the information is error free, so utilize it as reference only. Perform all modifications and repairs to your equipment at your own risk.

If you have additional information on Henry RF amplifiers which you would like to share with others, email mayo at ne7x dot com bob n3xkb. The schematics are known to have wiring errors. Henry 2K Ultra. Henry 4K Ultra. Henry 8K Ultra. Tuned Input Adjustment. Pedestal Cabinets.

New Henry C200D30R 200 Watt Continuous Duty UHF Commercial Repeater Amplifier

Henry 2K Classic. Tear-Drop Meters. Information about Tear-Drop meter replacement. Henry 5K Classic. Step Start Modification. When Good Enough Just Isn't.

By: AB8VJ. Henry 3KA Conversion to 5K. The Henry 2K Project. QSK Modifications:. By: K7EM. Original Henry 2K.Buy with confidence and be assured of getting a good working HENRY amplifier checked out and serviced by the factory that made it!

Power Amplifiers Manufacturers

Ground on "input" will provide closure on "output" connector. RCA jacks in and out, 3 feet of wire for 12 vdc total draw from your VDC power supply is only 40 ma!

Don't gamble with your radio's front end! Damage to your receiver front end can be expensive and take time and shipping costs to fix. This little box is cheap protection! An internal relay completely removes the receive antenna center AND ground and places a 50 ohm resistor across your receiver terminals during transmit. Needs 12 VDC and a keying signal to ground from your radio can also be used with an amplifier keying as well.

High quality with excellent copper braid. If your amplifier model is not listed, check with us before purchase. Order by sending an email or call us Shipping added to above prices. Tohtsu coaxial relays, Samlex power supplies RFI snap-on chokes Order by sending an email or call us. NEW accessories used, tested HF amplifiers. Packing and shipping additional. Relay Buffer Interface Put this little box between your radio's amplifier keying output and your amplifier "relay" input to completely isolate your radio from your amplifier.

Receiver Antenna Protector Install this little box between your receive antenna and your radio's receive antenna input to protect your expensive radio from the RF that your receive antenna picks up from your tansmit antenna.

henry amplifiers

We suggest 2 RCA cables below. Cable, RCA-male both ends, length 6 feet. This is a replacement antenna relay kit that has been designed to replace the old, open frame, unavailable antenna relays in many older Henry amplifiers. This is a common replacement part for many Henry amplifiers. Used, tested Radio's, accessories and antennas. Antennas local pick up only.

Order by sending an email or call us.The power supply is capable of 4, vdc 1. Continuous duty is 4, vdc mA. The power supply components and blower are located in the lower part of the pedestal. The RF deck is in its own self-enclosed and shielded enclosure that slides into the upper part of the pedestal. The high voltage, filament and control connections are made via umbilical cords to the underside of the RF deck.

I purchased this amplifier new from Henry Radio back in and have always been disappointed with the excessive blower noise caused by the poorly built Dayton 2C cfm blower. First, mechanical noise was caused by induced low frequency vibrations in the cabinet from an out of balance squirrel cage Dayton blowers are notorious for being poorly balanced. Second, was the severe airflow restriction caused by the holes around the tube bases and the exhaust holes in the top of the cabinet being too small.

The measured airflow at the exhaust holes was only 25cfm per tube with the blower capable of more than twice that level. So, after 15 years, I finally decided to do something about it. The result was a slow and somewhat noisy TR system which wasn't up to the task for the new digital modes and high-speed CW. After reading the Amplifier reflector extensively, and a bit of searching on the web, I was all set to start acquiring the components to make this modification. I consider Paul to be a real expert when it comes to amplifiers.

Check out the photos of his homebrew amps in the ' Gallery ' section of his web page. I subsequently hired Paul to install the new relays, including the fabrication of new relay mounting brackets and the installation of a low current MOSFET keying system to make the amplifiers keying system compatible with modern radios.

I knew the fix for this problem would be to install a step-start inrush limiter circuit for the the HV supply. To be fair to Henry, the later production units in the 90's did have inrush limiting using a mercury contactor and a high wattage ceramic resistor.

See Step-Start System. Download the 5K Classic Owner's Manual. See Cooling System Upgrade.When you subscribe, you receive only messages for the product you have subscribed to. You can check your current subscriptions and remove yourself from subscriptions at any time by visiting the Reviews Home page and clicking on the 'here' box under Subscriptions.

If you have comments, questions, or problems with this procedure please write to the Forums Manager. This project involves a management team of volunteers who each take a topic of interest and manage it with passion. The site will be something of which everyone involved can be proud to say they were a part. Toggle navigation. Forgot Password. Reviews Home. I have had quite the opposite experience. I have loaded this amp into a 4.

Not the smartest thing in the world to do, but I needed Navassa on and loaded up what I had.

Henry 2kd desktop classic for sale on you tube

Point is, legal limit out on into a 80 meter OCF and the amp worked flawlessly. So much for padders spaced too close together. I have beaten my 8K up pretty badly working DX and it has yet to give me one second of trouble. How much do you want?

The downside is that you can't drive this amp with 50 watts and get huge numbers. You need to have something to drive it with, as in a FTdxMP. The final is a 3CXA7 and for the power out, this is a cheap tube.

To really tune it correctly requires an outboard digital power meter, like the Array Solutions Power Master II, or something like that. Tune for max output, at given drive. Yes, get max on tune before increasing drive and setting load, but that is pretty much it.

And think big when it comes to antenna design, or things will simply melt. As a RTTY amp, watts all day long with no issues. Since this amp is no longer in production, it would help to know what you are doing if you plan on purchasing one.When I received this gem the filament connections on the z finals was melted loose due to failure of the original blower motor.

When I first received the amp, I decided I would turn it on and see what if anything it would do. Isn't that what all hams do? Hee Hee Needed to check and see if one of the components let the smoke out, the problem would be putting that smoke back into those failed components Old ham joke! Well the tubes did not light up and that was enough reason for me to pull the covers off and dive right in.

This time I heard a Kla-Chunk and all of a sudden I noticed the fan was going. I then recalled the previous two owners of this device having complained about excessive fan noise from the amp. The Henry got so hot at the base of the tubes, it literally melted the solder right out of the filament pin connection on one of the tubes. Not a good thing! Using two Z amplifier tubes each with 5 volts filament, each tube individually draws I did not want to see a repeat of the problem again in my lifetime so the old fan was out and a search for a suitable replacement was on.

I went on a search for fan with enough airflow, big enough to do the job yet small enough to fit under the PA deck. Try finding a small blower with high enough CFM air flow and an air flow switch these days can be a real chore. While Grainger and other suppliers had cheaper squirrel cage blowers that would have done the job, none had the required airflow switch. You would think finding and replacing a squirrel cage blower would be a fairly simple job, but doing it right so it would last a lifetime made it a bit more of a challenge.

I wanted a replacement blower that would allow for an air flow switch, should the blower ever fail again in the future I wanted the Henry to shut down and stop transmitting almost immediately. Finding a replacement blower, one with a suitable air flow switch would prove to be the problem. After measuring the original blower from all possible angles the hunt was on for a suitable replacement.

With several cheaper possibilities available, I decide to go the most expensive route with a custom made blower from a company called KoolTronics the company specializes in blowers for industrial applications. KoolTronics had the exact unit to fit my needs and the air flow switch was installed by the company as an option.

Not cheap to say the least, but it's what I wanted in a small compact blower with sufficient air flow to keep the 2X- Z tubes cool under full power output. Two Z final amplifier tubes at watts anode dissipation each required The Kooltronics fan is custom made because the company usually deals in very large air conditioning and industrial applications.

So this is a small job for these folks.

henry amplifiers

For an additional fee the company would install my required airflow switch in the path of the blower and it was guaranteed to work. You can easily see the custom installed. Once the fan arrived, it only required a small amount of modification to the mounting holes along with countersinking the screw holes to allow for the RF deck to slid back in place. The Airflow switch had two sets of contacts. Using the normally open contacts, I wired them in series with the rear panel magnetic door safety door interlock as shown in the schematic below.

This worked out sweet. The rear panel switch breaks a low-level 12vdc circuit, which then later disengages a much higher current Magnacraft mercury wetted contact relay in the primary of the Peter Dahl H. Placing the fan in series with the rear panel magnetic switch did the job very nicely. Turning on the amp applies VAC to the fan, about 1 second later when the fan reaches full speed, you then hear the relays kick in and H.The amplifiers use large GS31 or GS35 ceramic triode tubes.

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