Beelink gt1 review

Ivan Todorov September 2, reviews Leave a comment Views. On the top is the Beelink logo. On the bottom we have compact holes for heat dissipation.

And the single hole is probably reset button. We may use the microphone button, Google search with Voice Search is launched with what we can search the web for content. Furthermore if we install Google Assistant from Google Play we can launch installed programs like Youtube or Netflix, works fine in all the languages. From the command we can not access the multitasking feature, a pity, probably Beelink improved update it in the future.

Just use some thin tool like guitar pic and gently open the bootom lid. To remove the motherboard un-screw the three screws. Before we review the system we need to mention that there is a bug in the firmware! The to of the SoC cores dont run! Beelink will fix this in next OTA update so stay tuned!

After a discrete input animation we come at the default launcher which we might customize the sidebar with shortcuts or two additional screens on each side. We have only a handful of programs installed by default, something that is appreciated.

Beelink GT1-A

In this TV-Box we discover Android 9. As we may watch at in the tests, the internal storage speed is Very quick, which makes the system prove extremely fluid. We In addition have like a novelty with a USB 3. The result was almost at top speed for this adapter. The penetrate signal is also OK At a distance of 5 meters with a wall we have a signal tumbler turner for sale 34 dBm, which is pretty good!

For 4K test we used mbit samples. The video operates on soft even if we skip parts back and forward. The overall performance of the Wifi AC adapter with good-looking coverage nevertheless of the internal antenna and the Gigabit Ethernet port speed allow us to use them like a network player with no problems.

The typical provided remote control works effectively with Google Assistant even though if it was a flymouse or Bluetooth it would be improved. Related Articles. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Necessary Always Enabled.It is the latest model of the Beelink brand in the market and meets the requirements of all types of users.

Check our ranking of the best Smart TV Box.

beelink gt1 review

It has several advantages, including support for high-definition 4K video, DDR4, voice control and many other features. This TV-Box is really mini because it only has 7. A TV-Box barely larger than a business card and, nevertheless, it is a beast in this area. Its technical characteristics are impressive and its use is simple. It is suitable for beginners, but also for connoisseurs of the use of the TV-Box. See also our review of Beelink GT1 Ultimate. The installation is classic. The installation of the device is done automatically.

Learn more on Amazon. In terms of functions, you have access to Google, the voice command for Google search. Google Play comes with the TV-Box. Therefore, you can download all your favorite applications such as YouTube, video games and more. You can install other applications using software for this purpose.

The quality of the images and videos is 4K as well as accompanying sound. For storage, you can use an external hard drive that connects via USB to the box. The latest cutting-edge technology that differentiates this TV-Box from its predecessor is voice control.

beelink gt1 review

When activated through remote control, you can do voice searches in Google Play, for example. The installation of the IPTV files are provided with the subscription and not with the box.Available for Most Products! The Beelink GT1 mini-2 is a highly demanding, non-bazaar-looking and powerful 4K media player with Android 8. Not only is it a media player, it is also an Android-based mini-computer that can be used to connect a mouse or keyboard with a cable or Bluetooth.

If you are just interested: yes, quite good, somewhere here is what you can say is a good quality 4K media player. A rounded black box at the top with a Beelink logo, which is fortunately not very intense, so it is more demanding to appear. The side is bright and the top is very slightly grainy and matt. The manufacturer says it looks like this:. It has all the required buttons, the red microphone for voice input, such as voice search. It works as it should. The big advantage of Bluetooth is that it is wall-separated and works from all directions.

Battery does not go to remote control. It can be seen that there is no big price difference between the individual configurations, so even the best one is worth it. In case of storage, the situation is similarly good, with a total of 7 GB, which is approx. The operation of the system is absolutely smooth, it is not really characteristic of the hitches, the 4K playback is okay, it plays the 4K content completely, flawlessly.

Android 8. One third of the home page is freely customizable, the other two pages are fully available, application launch icons can be packed there. This is also possible with the home page, but there are some fixed, but still a lot of boot icons can be unpacked or deleted.

Or Google Drive, Chrome, Firefox, etc. The three lines on the remote control can be used to change the background of the surface, perhaps the two leftmost are the most beautiful.

Scrolling through the screens with the remote control can be done with the right, left buttons, but with the mouse you can mute the page. It works basically stable, application does not meet very well. However, there is an application installer called AppMarket, which appears to be some Chinese alternative to Google Play and stops after a few moments.

Not that it is needed because there is Google Play. It is important that all the applications that came up could be installed from Google Play, so compatibility is quite good in this respect. Mouse and keyboard are of course recommended, wired or USB hub.Modern Android TV box is used for streaming multimedia content, browsing the web or social networks through a browser, watching TV channels and periodically playing video games.

In this article, we will examine all the advantages and disadvantages of the Beelink GT1 Mini and is it worth buying this console and for what purpose? Most buyers are primarily looking for a small, inexpensive but powerful TV box for playing digital content. Also modern and powerful processor Amlogic SX2 ensures stable and smooth operation. Management takes place through the operating system Android 8. Delivery time was 17 days from China. The package includes an HDMI cable, an interesting shape remote control with a mini USB adapter, brief instructions, and the corresponding power adapter.

As for its price range equipment corresponds to the expectations, but the remote control is very surprised by its shape. On the front side above, we have the inscription Beelink and ribbed matte surface.

Beelink GT1 mini-2

The sides are made of glossy plastic, on the one hand, we see the following ports are microSD slot, USB 3. On the back, you can see already red plastic with holes for cooling.

The build quality and assembly materials are reliable and during our test, I had no problems or complaints. Just plug everything into the slots, press the power button on the remote, and the TV box will boot.

Beelink GT1 Mini in our analisis begins its work with an administrator account and is ready to use. There is nothing particularly to complain about the specifications. As I mentioned above, you can use the slot for a memory card, if the internal memory is small or use a flash drive via USB port. Beelink GT1 Mini is running the operating system Android 8. During our tests, the TV box worked stable and there were no delays. As you can see, the results are higher than the average among other manufacturers of TV boxes.

And you can compare them with the low performance of low-cost smartphones. In the settings, you can connect your wireless network, and log in to your Google account so you can install applications from the Play Store. The desktop has a logical structure and can be individualized to a certain extent. In addition, all important settings can be easily found. Control with the included remote control is optimal and I had no problems with other remotes.

But if you feel discomfort, then you can additionally connect a mouse, keyboard or controller from the Xbox One. Overall, the performance is fine. Applications load quickly, and user input is processed quickly. As already mentioned, you can install any applications from the Play Store to get more features and functions from your TV box. Everything works well. The proposed image quality is truly outstanding even in 4K resolution.

The games can also be downloaded and installed from the Play Store. Most games are stable and sometimes failures, but of course, only at the minimum graphics settings.

beelink gt1 review

All three carriers were detected by the TV box.It was one of the most powerful Android TV boxes on the market. It allows not only to watch video in high resolution, but even play games. This is an even more powerful and improved TV set-top box compared to the previous model. It supports 7. The new device plays video in 4K resolution. Another advantage is a big choice of ports and interfaces, which is rare for compact TV boxes.

The new TV box has a classic design with square shape. According to manufacturer, metal case provides better heat dissipation and better performance of TV box. Most likely, you have already noticed bright blue color and a large image of skull on the top panel. Game lovers should appreciate this design.

Beelink GT-King Pro First REVIEW: We Found The Most Powerful Android TV box!

By the way, the previous model also had a skull image, and the eyes were highlighted in green during games. The dimensions of TV Box are quite compact — The weight is about grams. There is also a small LED. On the rear panel there is 3.

On the left side are two USB 3. You can use a memory card up to 4 TB. By the way, together with TV box you will get a remote control with voice control. As you know, the control with voice commands is much simpler and faster than typing the text via virtual keyboard. We think that 64 GB of memory is enough to store videos, photos and apps. However, you can increase storage with a memory card up to 4 TB. The main processor and GPU provide fast and stable performance even when launching powerful or heavy games.

The new TV Box runs on Android 9. As you know, Android mobile platform provides the maximum freedom, so Beelink GT-King Pro can be used to listen to music, watch movies, games, social media, and much more. Beelink GT-King Pro is compatible with 7. It also offers full support for 3D video content.

In my opinion, this is a good price for one of the most powerful Android TV boxes of Also, TV set-top box supports voice control, Android 9. Not bad, right? Best Daily Deals. Home Hi-tech.This one is also a new model but with a different SoC and targeted audience. Like any other Beelink product, this one also arrived in a compact size cardboard box. This is no surprise since this one is supposed to be an evolutionary product of the older model.

Despite its size, all contents were nicely protected inside. Aside from the main unit, you will also find a generic voice remotethe power adaptor and an HDMI cable alongside with basic documentation.

You will have to buy batteries for the remote on your own since none were included. Out unit arrived with 32GB of internal storage. Connectivity is adequate with 2x USB 2.

We never had USB3. Networking capabilities are also very good with a Gigabit LAN, a fast wireless dual band Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth module that uses the still relevant 4. Android 7. Since the GT1-A is an evolutionary product, is carries the exact same chassis as its predecessor. Still made of plastic.

Due to the compact design, the port layout is expanded in to two sides, instead of the ideal back side only solution. Since there is at least one USB port at the back, cabling management should be easy. It requires a USB dongle for its connection so keep that in mind since in reality you will have only one USB port available.

Just like most of voice type remotes, it does not include numeric keypad but at least the layout is easy and the voice search works well a decent microphone was obviously installed and the Android TV OS helps a lot as well.

Since we are dealing with Android TV and voice controls, a BT remote would probably be a wiser choice. No more dated launchers. On the top row we get suggestions and videos based on your Google account traffic and on the lower row we get the application and game rows one app per iconwhich can be edited according to your liking both in content as well as order.

You can use the voice command on your remote for more interactive results. The settings menu is the Android stock one appearing at the right side of the screen. As always navigation is easy and all settings appear in the right way divided into easy to understand categories Audio, Video etc. Setting up the device according to your needs should be easy.The TV box is an important role to play in this perspective as it gives you access to high-quality video content quite easily. It has been becoming more and popular but there must be few things that may make you skeptical about this device.

Here we have highlighted all the features of this amazing device in its exhaustive review:. Beelink GT-King 4K boasts about its premium quality design and matte plastic texture that makes it look highly attractive.

It has got dimensions of 4. This is what makes it a truly compact and flexible device which you can keep at the corner of your home. It gives you high connectivity within a very tiny space.

It comes with a storage volume of 64GB which means you have the luxury to store a lot of applications without any trouble. Beelink GT-King 4K is one of the unique devices that supports 5. It also supports 4.

Beelink GT1-A

You have the luxury to choose your preferred language out of all different options available. The device also features a digital-analog converter which is a rare feature to be found in any other TV box. The remote control of Beelink GT-King comes with a microphone which is capable of taking different voice commands.

It is extremely convenient to hold in one hand and features soft rubber buttons which are very easy to press. Right now, an only black color variant of this device is available. You will also get a user manual to guide you on all the features of this modern device. The battery is not included in the package.

مراجعة شاملة لأقوى تيفي بوكس Beelink GT1 Ultimate - 3Gb DDR4 - 32Gb Rom - Octa Core

It will be known for its all-inclusive features to become a preferred choice over all other TV boxes available in the market. It is an ideal TV box that will give you ultimate viewing experience with only a push of buttons.

With several add-ons, it is not just a digital box; but a true companion that can look after your several entertainment needs. So how do I install these two programs on this box?


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